September 24, 2023

IBM has mentioned that it’ll host Fb mother or father Meta’s synthetic intelligence (AI) language program Llama 2 by itself enterprise AI platform, watsonx. It mentioned the corporate plans to host Meta’s Llama 2-chat 70 billion parameter mannequin within the studio.

IBM additionally mentioned that the discharge of Meta’s open supply AI mannequin can be adopted by further software program resembling AI tuning studios, reality sheets and different generative AI fashions.

“The longer term availability of Llama 2 in can be one other milestone on IBM’s generative AI roadmap and is predicted to be adopted by the approaching releases of its AI Tuning Studio, further AI fashions in, and FactSheets in watsonx.governance,” the corporate mentioned.

IBM launched watsonx at its annual Assume convention for basis fashions and generative AI, providing a studio, information retailer and governance toolkit.

IBM will present early entry to the Fb-parent’s Llama 2 to some shoppers. Llama 2 is a industrial model of Meta’s open supply AI language mannequin, which is distributed by Microsoft‘s cloud Azure companies.

Meta’s Llama2 LLM
Meta launched the Llama 2 LLM in July and claimed that the brand new LLM’s efficiency has improved considerably in comparison with the earlier technology of Llama fashions as a result of it has been skilled on a mixture of publicly obtainable information.

Since OpenAI’s ChatGPT launch final yr, companies have been more and more seeking to deliver AI to their processes to enhance effectivity and convey superior capabilities. Until now OpenAI has launched GPT-4 giant language mannequin and Google introduced PaLM 2 that now powers its AI chatbot Bard.

All these firms are actually searching for collaborations with different enterprises to assist them create their very own companies based mostly on generative AI know-how.


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